Purify Air While Dehumidifying


The DehuKing Dehumidifiers incorporate an air filtration system that will purify the discharged “dry air” exiting the dehumidifier. The degree of cleansing is up to each owner of DehuKing Dehumidifiers. Purchase filters through your DehuKing Distributor or a retailer. Many of the filters are available at Walmart, The Home Depot, and Lowe’s. All three often have electrostatic filters along with a large selection of normal air filters.


New Features:  Only DehuKing has an air purification system incorporated into our Dehumidifiers. We are currently having our UV system tested at an independent ETL laboratory. Once all testing is completed every unit will include UV.


A second new feature is optional guide railed for after market air filters.  This will allow your DehuKing Dehumidifier to use filters purchased at the stores listed above.


The water generated by the dehumidification process is pure water. Remember that the air being dried within the DehuKing Dehumidifier will soon have the moisture removed from it to create “clean dry air”. This water can be used as drinking water or for watering plants. Prior to using as drinking water or for crops, consult an expert.