DehuKing vs Other Brands of Refrigerant Dehumidifiers


Let’s be honest. If comparing DehuKing to other brands of refrigeration dehumidifiers, it should be close in monthly electrical costs. Why? Most refrigeration engineers, designers, and technicians are up to date and use similar equipment. Where DehuKing leads the pack is experience.


WHILE WRITING THIS WE MADE AN AMAZING DISCOVERY. A leading brand is using 64F as the ambient condition when calculating electrical usage. We used real world 90F to 95F in our factory. So, we tested the DehuKing at 64F. We used a full KW less than at 90F to 95F. That’s 24% less. The competitor was showing 4.3KW @ 64F and the DehuKing used 3.2KW. We also generated more condensed water.


DehuKing vs Other Brand’s Cabinets

DehuKing industrial dehumidifiers are built with 100% stainless steel. Why? We understand the hostile environments created by high humidity situations. Be it greenhouse, manufacturing, or paint booths, we have been there. Through the years we have tried numerous finishes on metal. Some of them are powder coat, acrylics, lacquers, enamels, electric plate, and others. Not a one held up like stainless steel. Powder coating will start flaking with but a nick to introduce the metal cancer known as oxidation or rust. Plastics eventually become brittle, flake, crack, fade and other bad issues. Stainless steel won’t grow mold and mildew if it’s clean; we ship it spotless. The other brands?


Operating Costs

DehuKing uses nothing but the best compressor brand. Copeland compressors are the workhorse of the industry and in our opinion the best for the money. Those competitors that use other refrigerants will underperform when compared to 410a. We use nothing but 410a. During periods of optimal dehumidification a btu is a btu. No matter who produces it. The industry number for dehumidifying is 1,000 btu produce 1 pound of water when condensing from the atmosphere. Some use 940 btu per pound, I round it off for quick calculations. There’s little things you can do to increase output from a given size compressor. We do everything we can to increase yield.

DehuKing gets about 10% more from our compressors because of design. On the smaller units we use an aluminum heat exchanger to increase btu output. By building with slight bends instead of hard 90s we have less pressure against the compressor. Numerous little things increase performance. We will normally produce 8% to 10% more gph vs a competitor using refrigerants. In doing so it decreases watts used per gallon. We provide that information on every spec sheet.


Real World Numbers; Operating costs

We greatly enjoy using information from the “real world” and using it for comparisons. We most often use information straight from the competitors website or brochures. Our competitor has an abundance of information on their website; however, a lot of it is non useful information. DehuKing and CHILLKING units are built in Texas. We use real world numbers when testing, our usage is calculated based on 90F to 95F ambient conditions. Although we test at a higher temperature we use less power and produce more gpm.


Apples to Apples or Cost per Hour

Let’s check how the DehuKing performs at 64F. It uses 3.2KW per hour in 64F ambient conditions. That’s a full 1KW less energy or 24% less. The DehuKing uses less electricity! Our leading competitor listed their similar producing dehumidifier to use 4.3KW @ 64F. DehuKing is using 1.1KW less than our leading competitor.



Compare the size of DehuKing to other brands. Look up gph and find a unit that performs similar. The DehuKing will produce more gph against footprint or cubic feet. DehuKing employees are encouraged to make suggestions and rewarded if it is used.


Air Purification

DehuKing also builds industrial air purification units. We understand clean air and how to cleanse it. DehuKing Air Purifiers can be customized to fit your needs. DehuKing dehumidifiers offer the same options to purify air while you dehumidify. With ionized air you kill spores and microorganisms that didn’t get passed through the DehuKing. The DehuKing that’s pictured in our brochures and used for cost comparisons filters 3500 cfm. That’s a minute, that’s a lot of air.

Electrostatic filters
On board ionizers* Ozone*
HEPA filters
Choice of filter type on every DehuKing
Upgraded filtration
Charcoal filters

*Ozone in high levels is a respiratory irritant to humans and animals. Those with asthma should avoid ozone treated areas entirely for two hours. It is recommended that the greenhouse or work area be vacated while using ionizer. Then allow 1 hour before entering. The DehuKing will purify a lot quickly. A 75’L x 40’W x 15’H greenhouse has 45,000 cubic feet. The DehuKing moves 3,500 cfm. 45,000/3500 is 12.9 minutes to move the entire area one time, in one hour it moves the air in the entire greenhouse 4.65 times. Just turning the ionizer on for two hours will purify the air and then allow one hour settle down time. The ozone breaks down in 45 minutes as per many experts on ozone however extra time is good time.


Options Galore

DehuKing offers numerous options and modifications. Remote condensers with an off switch can turn your DehuKing dehumidifier into a DehuKing air conditioning unit. Or you can remote the cooling if you want to dehumidify plants your drying out in a chamber, when finished switch back to dehumidification. In addition you can customize the dehumidifier by adding hot water HXs or chilled water HXs. We will even do custom painting of the cabinet. Different casters or stands are available. How you direct the air is up to you, many types of registers, directors and diffusers are available to you. If you want to duct you can do that also. Voltages are available from 1 ph 208v-240v to 3 ph 208v-230v, 3 ph 460v-480v, to 575v-600v 3 ph.

DehuKing Saves You MONEY

A DehuKing loaded with options will cost you less than competing brands with no options. You will receive more gallons per hour per dollar spent on every DehuKing dehumidifier. Our watts per gallon are less than leading competitors. That says a lot, less money when buying, less money in utilities, and something free, LOOK AT THE VALUE! DehuKing realized that if we were going to move so much air then we should purify the air while it’s in motion. The DehuKing air purification inside the DehuKing Dehumidifier is worth $10,000 for amount of air purified. A leading competitor brand’s 1,200 cfm Air purifier retails for more than $3,600 in a galvanized cabinet. The smallest DehuKing Dehumidifier mobile unit purifies 3,500 cfm of air or almost as much air as three free standing Industrial Air Purifiers.

Every DehuKing is ETL CE listed for UL standards. Tested and checked by Intertek Inc., an independent testing laboratory.


Contact Biotherm Solutions, DehuKing’s exclusive distributor for horticulture and medicinal crop industries, or contact DehuKing for all other industries, for additional information or to purchase.