DehuKing vs Dessicant Brands



100% stainless steel construction. We decided to manufacture our units out of high-grade stainless steel. TIG and MIG welding are used for great strength. DehuKing has equipment to finish the welds to give a superior product. Mold and mildew will not grow on clean stainless steel, impossible!


Other brands

Some are built in a hybrid fashion using an array of materials. None are 100% stainless steel. Molded plastics are often used while others use a coated fiber board. Those that use metals normally use powder coated finishes, they look great from the start; however, the slightest imperfection or pinhole allows moisture inside and soon the finish flakes away. Molded plastics will eventually crack and check or the finish breaks off.


Energy savings

DehuKing’s use less energy. We use 410a refrigerant in our units matched to a Copeland compressor. 410a uses less energy because it is 30% more efficient than other refrigerants; it’s also the most environmentally friendly refrigerant in use today. In a recent cost comparison the DehuKing used:

DehuKingLeading Brand Desiccant Dehumidifier Competitor
7.2 gph = .08 cents per hour
5.0 gph = .12 cents per hour
4.0 gph = .15 cents per hour
5.2 gph = .21 cents per hour

This information is readily available.  We cannot falsify numbers, they are checked by Intertek ETL UL CE during inspections. The numbers for the competitor are taken from their website. We simply multiplied the cost per KW to their usage; we used the same KW cost on our numbers. The desiccant unit needs heat, we applied the BTU claimed against the gas company’s fee per 100K BTU.


Air Purification

DehuKing also builds industrial air purification units. We understand clean air and how to cleanse it. DehuKing Air Purifiers can be customized to fit your needs.


Hybridized DehuKing Dehumidifier

We realized that if we are moving so much air while dehumidifying we should clean that air in the process. DehuKing hybridized our industrial and greenhouse dehumidifiers to be air purification stations also. How much is done is up to you. With so many options you can customize your system. DehuKing dehumidifiers offer the same options to purify air as industrial air purifiers but while you dehumidify. With ionized air you kill spores and microorganisms that didn’t get passed through the DehuKing. The DehuKing that’s pictured in our brochures and used for cost comparisons filters 3500 cfm. That’s per minute, that’s a lot of air. (*explained in more detail here)

Electrostatic filters
On board ionizers* Ozone*
HEPA filters
Choice of filter type on every DehuKing
Upgraded filtration
Charcoal filters

*Ozone in high levels is a respiratory irritant to humans and animals. Those with asthma should avoid ozone treated areas entirely for two hours. It is recommended that the greenhouse or work area be vacated while using ionizer. Then allow 1 hour before entering. The DehuKing will purify a lot quickly. A 75’L x 40’W x 15’H greenhouse has 45,000 cubic feet. The DehuKing moves 3,500 cfm. 45,000/3500 is 12.9 minutes to move the entire area one time, in one hour it moves the air in the entire greenhouse 4.65 times. Just turning the ionizer on for two hours will purify the air and then allow one hour settle down time. The ozone breaks down in 45 minutes as per many experts on ozone however extra time is good time.


Size Matters

Especially when your $$ earned per sq. ft. is important to you. DehuKing builds more into less. Compare the sq. ft. of floor space used. The DehuKing used in energy cost comparison vs desiccant is roughly 9 sq. ft. or 36” x 38” x 6’6”H.

The competitor we used for comparison uses 7.5’ x 5’ x 6’H. Much more space, over 37 sq. ft. vs the DehuKing at 9 sq. ft.


Square Footage Capabilities

Chillking has been doing this for 25 years. One thing we have learned is when you make a claim of square footage performance you are setting your customer up for disappointment. No two locations are the same, square footage may be but ceiling height may vary, even if identical other factors play into it. Sunshine and direction from, neighboring businesses that block wind, I could go on and on. Even if everything is absolutely identical there may be the smallest thing that changes it such as they have a fan blowing to keep someone cool. Or the crop. Most important to you is the amount of water removed. Want to get optimal performance? Then run a large duct from the top of the DehuKing or dehumidifier to the far side of the location. This will force processed air over to the other side which in turn pushes untreated air to the other side to be processed. We will beat the competitor brands in cost, performance, quality, operating costs and size.


Contact Biotherm Solutions, DehuKing’s exclusive distributor for horticulture and medicinal crop industries, or contact DehuKing for all other industries, for additional information or to purchase.