About Us


A new name on a product we’ve built for twenty years. A new look on the product: DehuKing™


Although DehuKing is a new name, our parent company has been selling and building chillers for 25 years and building dehumidification units for 20 years. Recently, the demand for greenhouse dehumidification along with other industry needs for dehumidification has created more need for our quality products. DehuKing was born in Texas to build and service these needs and opportunities.


One very important detail is that the dehumidification units are built of 100% stainless steel to withstand the rigors of a moist environment. DehuKing builds freestanding dehumidification units in high capacity sizes but in a compact package. We also build a line of chillers and air handlers that are purposely built for dehumidification and greenhouse air conditioning.


Our style is so unique, we have applied for a patent. The unit is internally designed to force the air to flow across the heat exchanger to increase contact time of the air against the chilled heat exchanger.